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Dental prosthesis

(Removable Dentures )

Prothèse dentaire
  • Dental prostheses are devices that replace missing teeth.
  • They not only provide you with better functionality but also improves your facial aesthetics
  • The most common and traditional form of teeth replacement that has existed since the inception of dentistry is dentures.
  • Dentures can be removable and non removable.

About Dental prosthesis

Dentures are removable teeth replacement options. When removable dentures replace one or a few teeth, it is known as a removable partial denture. When it replaces all the teeth, like in cases of completely edentulous arches, it is called a complete denture.

A significant drawback of removable prostheses is the fact that they are removable. Dentures can get dislodged and snap out while you eat or talk. It affects the way you talk, as their bulky nature tends to alter speech.

Moreover, dentures restrict what you can eat. Dentures can sustain only 10% of the chewing forces in comparison to our natural teeth. This means you won’t be able to eat as freely as you’d like. This can compromise nutrition as well. In addition, dentures tend to alter the taste a little, and there is a learning curve with dentures.

For these problems, the solution is dental implant-supported dentures. Commonly called All-on-4, 4 implants are placed precisely in the upper and lower jaw. These are allowed to heal, and a specialised denture is fabricated with a locking system that can tightly fit over the implants.

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