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Dental Crowns

Couronnes Dentaires

  • Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration that is placed over an existing tooth or implant to protect it from further damage, or to restore its size, and strength.
  • It restores a compromised tooth’s shape, size, structure and color.
  • Dental crowns provide adequate reinforcement to the tooth and ensure its increased life in the oral cavity.
  • Dental crowns offer a natural aesthetic appearance, and masticatory functions.

About dental crowns


There are various reasons why a dentist might recommend a crown for a patient. For example, a crown can prevent additional harm and safeguard the tooth from infection if the tooth has a large cavity or crack. They may also be used to restore a tooth following a root canal or to cover a dental implant.

The procedure of receiving a crown typically requires two appointments with a dentist. During the first visit, the tooth is prepared by eliminating any decay or harm and reshaping it to accommodate the crown. An impression of the tooth is then taken, which is used to build a bespoke crown in a dental laboratory.

The final stage is to affix the crown to the tooth using cement during a second appointment. Overall, dental crowns are a dependable and effective way to revive damaged teeth and improve oral health.

Dental crowns reinforce the strength and stability of an weakened or damaged teeth, ensuring they can withstand normal biting and chewing forces that contribute to a good oral health.


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